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Heckscher Children's Theater - New York, New York

Photo of Heckscher Children's Theater Photo of Heckscher Children's Theater

This renovation put the theater back into service with a very light touch. The project included restoration of the extraordinary murals, new house lighting, new audience chairs, new life safety systems, new interior finishes, new heating ventilating and air conditioning, new stage equipment, renovated dressing rooms, and removal of many substandard conditions.

The room is used for a wide variety of events and serves several communities including El Museo del Barrio, the local community, and the city as a whole. The room gained an instant reputation as a desirable place to perform and attend.

The murals by Willy Pogany, Scenes from Children's Literature, painted in 1921, were restored through the Adopt-A-Mural program of the Municipal Art Society. A grant from the Heckscher Foundation for Children in 1991 served as a catalyst for investment of funds by the City of New York to restore the theater.

Architect: Mitchell Kurtz Architect PC
Preservation Architect: Roberta Washington
Acoustician: Larry King

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