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Parmer Hall - Janet and Calvin High Center for the Performing Arts - Messiah College - Grantham PA

Completed in 2013, the High Center at Messiah College includes the magnificent Parmer concert hall with a Reuter organ, a recital hall, black box theater, several large rehearsal rooms and faculty offices. The total project is 85,900 square feet with a $31 million project cost.

The concert hall and recital hall are equipped with motor operated acoustical banners and acoustical draperies that change the reverberation time over a wide range to accommodate different styles of music. The concert hall stage ceiling canopy is motor operated to travel between three "trims", a low playing trim, a high playing trim partly intended for use with the organ, and a low maintenance trim four feet above the stage floor for working on the lighting. In addition to classic orchestra white overall lighting the moving canopy carries some robotic lighting fixtures that can be colored, aimed and adjusted from the lighting console when the canopy is too high for easy access.

The black box theater is very small and very well equipped, leading to intense theatrical experiences both for student performers and for audiences. A wrap-around balcony can be assigned for use as a technical balcony, as a performer balcony, or as an audience balcony.

As well as being an excellent workplace and asset to the community the new facility is a strong attractor for excellent students, faculty and visiting performers.

Parmer Hall - High Center - Messiah College
Parmer Hall
High Center - Messiah College
High Center

Architect: Greenfield Architects
Acoustician: Acoustic Dimensions

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